Husky SD 4000

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    • A Super-Duty stainless steel coupling for joining No-Hub cast iron soil pipe and fittings.
    • Extra width for lateral support.
    • Additional sealing clamps for better load distribution and a more positive seal.

    • 304 stainless steel heavy duty construction. Shield color coated orange.
    • Meets ASTM C-1540 standard specification for Heavy Duty shielded couplings.

    The Husky Technology Story

    Husky Couplings have been engineered by Anaco to provide a heavy-duty all stainless steel coupling balancing the desire for a more rigid joint and a superior seal. Cast iron soil pipe is manufactured to different tolerances that can result in a minimum to maximum joint. Husky can accommodate possible disparities in the joining of no-hub pipe and fittings. This is accomplished by a thicker and wider corrugated shield to accommodate additional surface-bearing sealing clamps.

    The additional sealing clamps, when torqued to 80 inch pounds, provide a more uniform rigid joint with the load supported at the outer edges of the coupling and the centerline of the joint. They also increase the surface-bearing contact between the coupling and the pipe or fittings to inhibit joint movement at higher internal pressures.

    Pressure vs. non-pressure

    "A vital factor in modern plumbing design"

    The importance of the Husky Couplings ability to withstand higher pressure is often overlooked in today's plumbing designs. Sanitary and Storm systems are considered to be "Low Pressure" gravity systems under normal conditions. However, when a blockage or higher than normal rainfall occurs, the increase in pressure within the system is undesirable and could be destructive.

    Many of today's buildings are designed with multi-story lobbies and lower level parking garages that do not allow for relief in the sanitary systems for four floors or more. This additional pressure known as "Hydraulic Jump" can cause surges at changes of direction, in particular at the base of the stack. Storm systems have even greater potential of high-pressure situations since they may not be relieved for the total height of the building. Any failure in the system can create chaos within the building, damaging or destroying expensive furnishings and the structure itself.

    Husky Couplings provide an improved pressure, shear and deflection limit over the standard Cispi 310 coupling, which is why joining methods for important projects of higher risk use an improved joining method for the hubless systems.

    Underground Applications

    Underground systems present additional problems that are not found above ground. Earth movement during backfilling and settlement is common, and if joints separate, infiltration and exfiltration can occur without immediate detection.

    Husky Couplings develop a more rigid joint, which allows deflection of one-inch per foot, but will not easily separate. Husky Couplings provide two additional sealing bands than the standard Cispi 310 coupling, and are torqued 20 more pounds per band. The higher grade 304 stainless has a higher nickel content to protect against potential corrosion. Husky Couplings provide improved corrosion resistance with the thicker corrugated shield and will last as long as the pipe itself.

    Some communities and engineer specifications restrict the use of standard couplings because of potential corrosion and joint movement. While hub and spigot joining methods have been used since 1785, Husky Couplings provide greater deflection and pressure limits than the rubber compression gasket developed in 1964.

    The Husky Coupling provides engineers and contractors with an improved joining method for today's no-hub piping systems.